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location_onToucheng, Taiwan
Half-day tour to Guishan Island (10 people in a group)
Unique experiences
Thrill seeking
Water activities
Toucheng, Taiwan
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access_timeDuration 4hour(s)

Take a sailboat to see the different "Guishan Island" and experience the taste of being a sailor and a captain, an activity that you must experience once in a lifetime, awaken your ocean soul, and prepare for sailing around the world.



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The Highlight





The Experience

- Experience Information -

・Participants Eligible to Join: Participants over 7 years old ・Meeting Time: 07:00 or 13:00 (depending on the registration time) ・Meeting Point: Wushi Port Yachting Pier ・Length of Tour: Approx. 4 hours ・Activity Area: waters off Guishan Island, Yilan (Pacific Ocean)

- Experience Introduction -

・Itinerary: Gather at the Yachting Pier in Wushi Port, Toucheng - Listening to instructions for taking a boat - Depart for the Pacific Ocean - Starting the sailing experience (sailing, knotting, reeling/winding, helm teaching, diving) - Arrive at the sea off Guishan Island (Watch the beautiful scenery of Guishan Island and the Milky Sea/the scenery might be different depending on the sea conditions) - return to Wushi Port at the end of the tour. *The experience on the boat will be decided by the captain depending on the weather, wind and waves and personal physical condition of the day.

・Heavy sailing Heavy sailboats are a good tool for crossing the ocean. Riding the wind and waves to experience the unique experience like One Piece's adventure. You can still join even if you can't swim.

・Guishan Island In 2015, it was rated as one of the top 12 coolest islands in the world by the Whenonearth website. It is shaped like a turtle, thus the name. The Milky Sea is also a very special landscape formed by the submarine hot springs at the head of Guishan Island. There is a faint sulphur smell of the hot springs near the boat.

・Wushi Port During the Qing Dynasty, Wushi Port was the largest city in Lanyang Plain at that time and an important gateway to Toucheng City. Many merchants came and went through it. "Shigang Chunfan" describes the scene of the continuous flow of ships at that time, and it is one of the eight scenic spots in Lanyang. It once declined due to the silting of the port. After the reconstruction was completed in 1994, whale watching boats began to enter, and seafood restaurants also increased one after another. Since the opening of the Snow Mountain Tunnel, Beidi Wai'ao Beach has gradually become a surfing mecca. Together with the Lanyang Museum The opening of the museum has become a major tourist attraction in Toucheng.

Guide Services

Languages Spoken by Guide On-site

  • Mandarin Chinese


  • 07:00 或 12:30 烏石港遊艇碼頭報到
    07:00 或 12:30 烏石港遊艇碼頭報到
  • 帆船設備解說、水手注意事項說明
  • 出發前往龜山島 (水手各就各位待命)
    出發前往龜山島 (水手各就各位待命)
  • 水手張大帆練習
  • 感受全船生命在你手上的感覺 (船長大喊都魯的試煉)
    感受全船生命在你手上的感覺 (船長大喊都魯的試煉)
  • 龜山島定錨(水手跳水體驗/水性好者可嘗試/水性不好者可以拍手)
  • 繞龜山島並敘說噶瑪蘭公主與龜將軍的浪漫故事
  • 如有加購SUP體驗,將有教練指導SUP練習(若牛奶海海域風浪許可亦可下海拍照)
  • 網美牛奶海海必拍夢想照(不一定每趟航程都可,須視海況,由船長決定)
  • 返程中舉瓶慶祝水手初體驗成功(避暈的良方18天/請自備)
  • 我要成為海賊王~~航向世界的盡頭(期待再相會)

Price Details

Experience fees
Travel agency liability insurance
Life jacket
Professional coach
Ferry fare

Add-on Items

龜山島SUP體驗(兩人一板/附裝備及教練/約1小時/每人費用) - NT$ 1,500
本加購活動將視風浪狀況,於出發前一天依氣象預報判斷是否可體驗sup,若無法下海將退款加購sup費用,帆船若可行依然會成行,若因出海後臨時海況變異,亦有可能無法下海,sup下海最終決定權由船長決定(若現場取消亦會退款sup加購費用),若不能接受請勿報此sup加購。 *如需每人一板 (限有經驗者) 每人需加400元。
海派私廚 (需預約/至少10人) - NT$ 1,000
私廚上船料理 (含食材及飲料) ,因船型不同,有的船廚房不適用,報名後確認船隻將有專人回覆是否適用,抗浪性不高的旅客不建議加購此項。
海派私廚 (需預約/至少10人)
龜山島空拍服務 - NT$ 5,000
DJI Mavic Pro 龜山島牛奶海/後花園各飛一顆電池 "原始素材提供下載"。 拍攝短片:

How to Use

  • Voucher will be sent via email. Please show your e-voucher at designated location.

Purchase Notice



  1. 本體驗因安全因素考量,不適合未滿 7 歲之小朋友參加,未受控之小朋友亦不建議參加。

  2. 旅客應瞭解自身健康狀況,若有心臟病、高血壓、羊癲癇、孕婦...等,不得參加。

Important Booking Information

Please pay attention to the traffic conditions and arrive earlier, as the boats will not depart on time will not wait for people.

The right to go to sea in this experience is determined by the captain depending on the wind and wave conditions of the day. Safety is the first and there is not certainty to be able to go to sea.

If you want to snorkel in this trip, please bring your own mask and snorkel equipments. If you have no experience, please hire a coach.

This experience does not include SUP experience. If you want to experience SUP, please purchase it in advance (there is no existing SUP available on site/meeting point), and you can bring your own SUP board and coach (inexperienced people are not recommended, the sea currents are strong, and the sea conditions are difficult to control).

During the boat ride, all participants must follow the command of the coach and the captain, however this might cause management conflicts. For safety reasons, the captain has the right to stop the participants' experience and cancel participants' participation.

It is recommended to eat a small amount of food before boarding the boat (sweet food is not recommended). It is easy to get seasick when your stomach is either empty or too full, and if you lack sleep, you can take seasickness medicine one hour in advance.

Drinking water is available on board, and you can bring your own fruit, snacks, beverages, and alcohol.

Must-have supplies: identifiable documents, towels, sunscreens, personal hygiene products, medicines for personal use, and a pirate spirit to take risks with your pirate members.

Optional to bring: waterproof camera (preferably with a buoyancy bar or rope), waterproof strap, sunglasses/glasses (it is recommended to wear a glasses strap to prevent falling into the sea)

Clothing suggestions: thin long-sleeved pants with good drainage and are quick-drying (swimsuits can be worn inside) that has anti-UV! You can also use shorts, flip flops or sailing shoes (however you will be bare feet when on board).

The activity time may be affected by wind, waves and tides. If there is another plan after the activity, please pay attention and make sure you have an appropriate buffer time.

Cancellation Policy

Number of days prior to departure / Cancellation fee
  • Cancellation made at least 40 day(s) before departure date, will charge 5%
  • Cancel during 30 ~ 39 day(s) of departure, will charge 10%
  • Cancel during 20 ~ 29 day(s) of departure, will charge 20%
  • Cancel during 2 ~ 19 day(s) of departure, will charge 30%
  • Cancel during 0 ~ 1 day(s) of departure, Non-refundable (0% refund)


Destination Info


Half-day tour to Guishan Island (10 people in a group)